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Creating a moment in time to honor one of the most prolific leaders of the gaming industry, Steve Kordek:  How does one arrive at such a pinnacle?  The answer is simple- it is done through the humble/compassionate spirit of connecting with like-minded people.   Although the Star Worlds’ summer of 2012 events started with a connection to Eugene Jarvis for the game of Robotron, a special thank you goes out to his wife, Sasha, for opening a connection to the Kordek family.  This gesture brought the summer celebration full circle back to the heart of what really matters in all games- the spirit of joy.

The Beatle, Paul McCartney once stated “There’s a lot of guys that just get comfortable with their positions and rest on their laurels. I had to earn my way.”  What you will see in the following presentation is just that, a talented group of inspired persons passionately sharing the spirit of fun and joy with the world through their marvelous creations.  Enjoy.

  • All manufacturers of pinball have been influenced by Mr. Kordek- Williams, Bally, Gottleib, up to current times at Stern.
  • Game developers in attendance at the party were Larry DeMar, Steve Ritchie, Mark Ritchie, and Brian Eddy.

Steve Kordek began his career in Pinball in 1937, yet stayed tirelessly involved in the gaming world through 2012.  This collage shows a brief glimpse of Steve’s influence on some of the greatest pinball games of all time.

The Kordek family was the first to arrive at the party, coming from as far away as Canada.  Every visitor to the Chicago-land area must experience a “Crazy Taxi” ride.

It is always wise for one’s health to visit “Dr. Mario”

Avid Star Worlds fan Dan Wolfe, from WLS radio’s morning show, discussing the history of the radio station.  Which proves game parties aren’t only about games….

Look closely behind the camera, and you’ll glimpse one of her first experiences playing pinball.

Star Worlds has an outstanding line-up of classic Pinballs inside the arcade.

The “Black Knight” himself signing a machine.  Steve Ritchie can still do an intimidating rendition of the vocal phrases from the game, too!

  • Steve Ritchie playing Black Knight – Youtube
  • Steve Ritchie invites public to Stern Pinball tours- Youtube

Reminiscing and paying respects to the legacy of a pinball mentor, Steve Kordek.

Twin Galaxies legend, Walter Day, ready for some award presentations!  On the far left is the famed video game journalist “Trickman Terry” of Retroids.com

Videos of the Steve Kordek tributes-  Youtube links to the various speeches are condensed below for easy access.  Contact Patrick@StarWorldsarcade.com for more information.

Walter giving enlightened speeches of honor.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Pac-Man Pat, Mark Ritchie, Steve Ritchie, and Tom Blankley (Friar Tuck’s arcade).

Star Worlds master technical director, Glenn Thomas, is all smiles.

The quiet powerhouse Brian Eddy beside Tom.  If you don’t know his work, download the Pinball Arcade app and try out Medieval Madness.  Monty Python humor at it’s finest!  Also, Machine Bride of Pinbot.

Only Walter Day’s speeches could cause a group of grown adults to stand out in a busy street….

Steve and Mark had to hit the road before sunset.  The profound question of the event…..which is a better motorcycle color, silver or black?  Irony of the evening- Steve’s favorite shirt color is black, yet he rides a silver motorcycle…go figure.

The first half of presentations led right up to dinner time. Cayenne pulled pork, bratwursts, sweetcorn, and a bunch of delectible salads. Mmmmm.  Dinner was generously sponsored by Eugene Jarvis/Raw Thrills.

After dinner, it was time for more awards.  Celebrating Larry DeMar and Steve Kordek’s legacy. See Youtube video’s above for full coverage.

Once the pomp and circumstance of the event drew to a close it was time for more games, and a few autographs.

At the end of the night, what is the gauge of success?  A new generation becoming inspired to join in the spirit of friendship created around “playin’ some games.”  A generous and heart-felt thank you to all who particpated in making the last party of the summer such a pleasurable success.

More pictures from the party will be added HERE, as they are provided.  If you have a story from the evening you’d like to share, please email m5h5m@hotmail.com and we’ll incorporate your info into the site.  Thank you in advance.

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