I submit the following, some of which I had in an editorial after Steve’s passing and in our “In Memory” article on Steve:

Not many people qualify for the moniker “living legend.” Pinball icon Steve Kordek was such a man. Steve was a true gentleman in every sense of the word, always going the extra mile and mentoring younger industry members who looked up to him, and for good reason. He left his mark in the games he designed and continued to nurture during his official 63-year career, although he never stopped living and breathing pinball.

I saw Steve often at trade shows, seminars, and Century Club meetings. He seemed eternal, looking younger than his years. If you want to know the secret to a long life, Steve’s life was the perfect example: work hard at a job you enjoy and believe in passionately, be devoted to your family and proud of their accomplishments, maintain a positive attitude, respect your fellow man, and don’t let age get in the way of enjoying life. And, if you see a pretty lady, tell her so!

Bonnie Theard

Editor, Play Meter

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