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  • Larry DeMar shares a Robotron secret- Youtube
  • steps below per Digital Press Easter Eggs Robotron: 2084 info
  • This 3-combo trick must be done during a game, and each combo must be done within ¼ seconds of each other:
    1. Direction joystick RIGHT + fire joystick UP + 1P button
    2. Direction joystick UP + fire joystick DOWN + 2P button
    3. Direction joystick DOWN and hold + fire joystick UP. 
    4. Let go of the fire joystick and the message will appear.
  • Update Larry Jul 2014- Comments and things to add. Mark’s sequence is correct except that you hold the “Fire Up” position (Move joystick can be let go once message appears). Let go of Fire Up and game returns to attract mode. We don’t know of a copy of Robotron that was done, but I suspect it was the unknown operation of the LSI custom chips as well as the difficulty of creating that function that was the real roadblock. Also, Robotron was not as successful as Defender. In that regard, in the years since when people have told me about how my game was going to get ripped off, I always reply that “I hope I have that problem to worry about”.

Larry with some gifts that were sent over from Japan

Hauling the Black Knight from Iowa to DeKalb for the party

  • Anyone that has moved a pinball knows there is a good chance it won’t function properly by the time it arrives at the destination.  This time around a flipper solenoid went bad during the bouncy trip.  A spare was swapped into the machine as the party was starting.    Then the flipper leaf switches were flakey during the party.  C’est la vie….Such is Life.  🙂
  • It was still awesome to have the machine at the party considering Steve Ritchie was there to sign it.

Legitimate Presidential campaign or a brilliant write-off strategy?  Either way, Pat has our vote!

Hanging out after Dinner

Mark Ritchie, from Raw Thrills/Play Mechanix, always working hard—field testing a House of the Dead.

Steve Ritchie slugging it out on Punch-Out Brian Eddy and Mark Ritchie-  possibly planning the sequel to Indian Jones pinball?

Larry got to observe the Star Worlds Robotron master, Darrin Cormier, in action.  I believe they were talking about what Eugene’s highest “difficulty 10” score might have been on Robotron.

The Kordek family remembering Steve Kordek during the Twin Galaxies presentation.

Stories- I believe this discussion might have been about the next “soon to be released” hit from Raw Thrills

Basking in the warm pinball glow getting the Twin Galaxies posters ready for the presentations

When it is the middle of January and we are frozen here in the midwest, this picture is a reminder of a warm summer’s eve.

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