I would love to relate some of the wonderful memories I have of Steve. I consider Steve to be one of my mentors in the Amusement Industries. With the Broadway Arcade being a major test location for Williams, I had constant contact with Steve concerning the Pinball Product. We had an active relationship from 1981 till we closed in 1997. Steve was ALWAYS ready to speak with me and share my thoughts on design issues, rules, and possible trouble with each new pinball. Steve’s enthusiasm for pinball always inspired me to do better in my business life. I treasured the time I had with Steve at Trade Shows as he treated me as “one of the family”. Steve was instrumental in having my design for Barraccora come to life and I will always be thankful to him. I want his family to know how much I loved and respected Steve and will always treasure the time I had to share with him.
All the best

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