Summer Camp 2012 Kick-off party-More pictures

The “quote of the event” just might go to Darrin Cormier.  While playing Robotron beside Eugene, he casually exclaims “I’d like to meet the guy who made this game!”  Eugene stated later that he was amused by that and at first not sure if Darrin was joking. (actually, Darrin wasn’t joking!)

Robotron number 3 heading toward Star Worlds Saturday morning (you wouldn’t have known this machine had to get a monitor swap mid-Saturday, and Robotron number 2 got a new processor board)  Thankfully all 3 machines worked flawlessly during the party!

After a day of hard work preparing, Pat and Glenn were ready to get the party started

No classic arcade is complete without a high score board (notice the name beside that new entry)

Lots of items to get autographed

The topic of the physical location of Twin Galaxies came up in conversation with Eugene and Sasha.  The running joke being that …drum roll please… there isn’t a real Twin Galaxies.  ….bada bing.   It was suggested that Eugene’s basement arcade become the honorary site of Twin Galaxies.  So they went home with two 3-foot wide banners of the Twin Galaxies store front, and the International Scoreboard backdrop.

Nintendo’s Mario Bros. would never miss a great party, even if it is in support of games from Williams Electronics.  Or maybe they heard the famous radio personality, Dan Wolfe, was in “de howz” and wanted a photo-op.

Bernadette took some time away from the frontdesk duties to win $54 in Pacman lottery tickets.

The Three Amigo’s enjoying some Robotron action toward the end of the night

The Hawaiian shirt brothers doing what they do best. Killin’ it on Robotron.

Eugene shared many little development secrets about his games.  One being that the pleasure dome at the end of Smash TV didn’t exist.  It was a bait and switch tactic desired by Williams to keep people playing.  Here a fan is asking about the ineffectiveness of gathering keys during the gameplay.  He later sang the whole ending story of Smash TV very loudly which had everyone in the arcade laughing, including Eugene.  Funny stuff right there.

Star Worlds stand-out Mitchell being congratulated on the monumental task of exceeding 1.5 billion on Nibbler

Swapping stories

Two wise sages congregating in the tranquility of Pacman gardens

Camp Robotron is about the celebration of many different games!

The party was hoppin’ all evening. No drama, all fun.  Yes!

Aren’t maracas used at every good party?

Most important of all pictures you’ve viewed:  A HUGE Thank you to Sasha Jarvis for allowing Eugene to come out and play games with a bunch of overgrown kids in a retro neighborhood arcade.  SO Cool!

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