Summer Camp 2012 Kick-off party-Even More pictures

Eugene graciously signed a special poster that was given to each party goer for attending the kick-off event.

Eugene signed items that will be sent to Canada, Japan, and the UK.  People around the globe love his games!

And don’t forget the Star Worlds documentary which can now be seen in 3 distinct parts of the world.

Mikey always enjoys a photo opportunity

Who hasn’t experienced a Craxy Taxi ride in the Chicagoland area?

Here’s another picture incase you had forgotten that Eugene is a serious contendor in the Robotron arena.

Anyone that has their bathroom painted like Super Mario Bros. better smile when playing Donkey Kong! And when are you going to write the DK tutorial page for the guidebook site, anyway Mr. Kolinger????

This was the sentiment of the whole evening.  It felt almost like Fantasy Island.. Smiles everyone! Smiles!

What you can’t see is Glenn standing behind the camera calling that guy in the middle, Marco Bros.

We were actually smiling as the party got started.  A good sign that an outlandish plan came together.

See Michelle for all of your catering needs.  By the way, this might be the first time I ever saw Walter eat something that wasn’t green and pasty and stuffed inside a pita shell.  She must be a good cook!

15 million or 1.5 billion. Who knows where the digit belongs, but i do know this kid is outstanding at Nibbler

The 16th marks the date of the first time Patrick ever had the guts to step onto the DDR dancefloor. “He ain’t too shabby” (to quote an Adam Sandler song…)

Man, have you ever thought about just how old you will be in 2084? uggghhhh.

Incase you were wondering, Mario totally did have a child!

Incase you were wondering, Walter did have 2 boys now grown and enjoying the video game experience.

Incase you were wondering, yes Trickman Terry did put his autographed Space Shuttle to good use.

Summer Camp T-shirt makes appearance in Tokyo, Japan. The newly built 634m high Tokyo Skytree Tower! Second one is with Japan’s famous cartoon family called SAZAE-san.




Robotron Summer Camp T-shirt shows up at the 2012 California Extreme (CAX)

Robotron Summercamp T-shirt makes an appearance at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the UK (via Sir Spriggsy)

  • Newcastle’s most famous landmark is the bridge over the river tyne, imaginatively called the tyne bridge.

So we are all standing around outside and this big dude dressed in green comes up and asks if Star Worlds has a public bathroom.  I’m thinking, this is NOT going to end well.  Thank goodness he was a plumber!  ….bazinga!

Incase you were wondering- Yes, Star Worlds is on the International Registry of Historic Video Game Arcades.  This image from last year proves it.  🙂

Final comment on the Summer Camp Kick-off party

The gauge of success is in the quality of the magician’s illusion.  The guests thought- old games work with the reliability of an xbox360, any small building with some games can feel like 1982, an italian gourmet meal takes 4 minutes to whip up from a box of goods, Pat’s mom is always at the desk helping everyone, you can walk into any arcade and play games with the person who invented them,  this event didn’t take hours a day for over a month, Walter always wears Head Ref attire (actually, he might)…..and Pat spends his time NOT playing DDR.  The guests totally made this event with all the magic energy they brought to the evening.  Eugene and his wife, “Wow: is an understatement.  -Mark H. 6/17/2012 .

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