Schedule of Events- Summer Camp 2012

Robotron 2084-  June 1st, 1982 – current.  30 years and running!

May 8th, 2012- website is launched to support Star Worlds Arcade

May 16th- ROBO-Bio’s page is launched to provide historical reference to Robotron players.  Ongoing throughout the summer, every Robotron fan is invited to join the project. click HERE to participate

May 24th- Happy Birthday Online event for Friday, June 1st, 2012 announced, click HERE to participate on Friday, June 1st.

  • Youtube announcement HERE
  • Walter Day informs Eugene Jarvis about the 30th anniversary festivities

May 25th- Robotron’s 30th Birthday celebration event is launched on Facebook.  click HERE to join

  • Facebook announcement that festivities will begin on Friday June 1st, 2012 at the historic Star Worlds Arcade location.

May 28th- 30th anniversary event announcements go out to the online gaming community

May 29th-

  • runs a feature article!- click HERE
  • Walter Day provides a robo-bio and preface for the Starting the Journey page
  • Eugene Jarvis replies via email to support Summer Camp 2012- snippets from email- Nice Website!…Would love to add some stuff to it…….Need to drop by your arcade too!!!

Friday, June 1st- Robotron Birthday Bash at Star Worlds in DeKalb, IL

  • Pacman Pat’s famous cupcakes were served
  • Pictures were taken with Star World’s vintage Robotron machine- which will go into the historical archive about this epic day HERE.
  • Local master level player, Darrin Cormier, was on hand to teach newcombers the basic skills and strategy of Robotron.

Friday, June 8th- Japan Robotron Birthday Bash

June 9th and 10th in Seattle, WA, Northwest Pinball and Arcade show

  • Eugene Jarvis held a discussion.  And played some games (Youtube video)
  • Oregon Robotron master Ken House being presented with a Twin Galaxies trading card.

Saturday June 16th- Summer event kick-off at Star Worlds

  • Twin Galaxies founder Walter Day and Robotron creator Eugene Jarvis attended.
  • Mikey explains Robotron Summer Camp 2012 on Youtube
  • Visit the Summer event kick-off page for video and pictures of the party
  • Japan’s Twitter tribute for the Anniversary event HERE
  • Write-up on the event from Arcade Heroes website
  • Write-up from Trickman Terry at

Tuesday, June 19th- The “Rosetta Stone” of Robotron knowledge provided by Eugene Jarvis

Wednesday, June 20th- Star Worlds party makes front page news at

Thursday, June 28th- Star Worlds visits RawThrills in Skokie. Target Terror joins the arcade line-up.

Saturday, July 14th- Star Worlds presented Lon McDonald’s Joust world record at the original site of Twin Galaxies in Ottumwa, IA.  Marking the 30th Anniversary of Joust (July 16th, 1982) and the first video game event at Twin Galaxies since the 80s. Click HERE

Dates through July-

  • Summer tournaments get started- Click HERE for the latest details

Saturday, August 25th- Summer Camp 2012 Closing Ceremonies

  • Visit THIS link for pictures and video of the event
  • Click HERE for more details
  • Tribute to Steve Kordeck
  • Friar Tuck’s arcade
  • Vid Kidz legend- Larry DeMar
  • Pinball designers, Brian Eddy, Steve and Mark Ritchie

Thanks to everyone who participated in the summer events.

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