Every endless summer must draw to a close.  It was an exciting summer at Star Worlds where much happened.  Revisit the Summer’s events by clicking on THIS link.

Summer Camp 2012 Closing Ceremonies

  • Star Worlds is hosting an old-fashioned arcade party in DeKalb, Illinois to honor the legacy of Steve Kordek. We are presenting awards and a brand new “Steve Kordek” trading card  to members of Steve Kordek’s family who will be  attending this party.
  • Also, a trading card will be unveiled for Larry DeMar, as well as some other old-time coin-op people from the Chicago area.  Special guests such as Larry DeMar from Robotron/Defender creation, Walter Day, and Tom Blankley and his wife will be in attendance.   I will keep everyone updated as guests are added.
  • There will be food, refreshments, lots of game playing (the arcade has 45 arcade games and has been in  business since january 11, 1985) and many shared memories as we celebrate Chicago’s amazing coin-op heritage.
  • As so many guests of honor will be attending this event we are limiting this party.  Contact Patrick@Starworldsarcade.com.
  • RePlay magazine and possibly others will be covering this event so lets show the world what a great group of gamers Star Worlds Arcade has.
  • Thank you, Patrick- Star Worlds Arcade
  • Press from PlayMeter newsletter

Friar Tuck’s Game Room

Steve Ritchie – Stern pinball

Mark Ritchie- Raw Thrills

Brian Eddy- Spooky Kool Designs

Larry DeMar – Leading Edge Design / Vid Kidz

  • Comprehensive interview about Larry’s history in gaming- RetroGamingMagazine
  • Larry worked on the Defender project with Eugene Jarvis
  • In 1981, at the height of Defender’s success, they joined forces under the name Vid Kidz and generated classics like Robotron 2084 and Stargate.
  • Upon the video game crash of 1983, Larry moved back to pinball design and went on to work on such classics as Black Knight, Space Shuttle, Funhouse, The Addams Family, and The Twilight Zone.
  • He currently innovates games for the Casino industry through his company, Leading Edge Design

Steve Kordek – Pinball Legend

Gifts from Hiroshi and Satoshi in Japan!

  • August 25th only, get an opportunity to play a game of Robotron on the world’s tiniest Robotron controls!
  • Get your picture taken with the 12 inch Grunt…but don’t get too close!

Making of a Grunt- FLICKR

Summer Camp may be over but the adventure continues.  Get a sneak peak at Star Worlds next promotion HERE.

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