Twin Galaxies in Ottumwa, Iowa

If you recognize this store-front sign it means you probably played video games in Ottumwa, IA in the early 1980’s.

  • Share your Twin Galaxies story about playing games in Ottumwa, or any fond game memory from the era.
  • Even if you were too young to experience Twin Galaxies in 1982, but have participated in any of the Twin Galaxies events held at Bridge View Center, you are welcome to participate.
  • Send your story, pictures, or comments to, along with how you’d like your name represented.
  • Thank you in advance for sharing your memory of a fun era.

Walter Day-  Walter can still be seen throughout the country promoting the golden era of video games.  He is actively involved in a Trading Card series, and was honored at “The Art of Video Games” exhibit at The Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

Nibbler Movie reference, art by Disney/Dragon’s Lair artist Don Bluth

From Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph movie

2013 ICON Trading Card event held in Fairfield, IA. (List of Trading Cards HERE )

Original Twin Galaxies write-up- CLICK

Miscellaneous pictures from Facebook Group

Walk-thru prior to event- Youtube

The exhibit was ready for visitors

Eugene Jarvis presentation at Award Ceremony- Youtube

Arcade machine artist Jim Walsh, ICON Gallery owner Bill Teeple, and….Litwak putting the Centipedes out of work.


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