Les Potts Collection

Artifacts surfacing via Les Potts on the Williams Defender Players Unite Facebook page.

Proper scans will be presented by Les in the near future.

This was John Newcomer’s collection which was provided to Archer MacLean and then put in the hands of Les circa Oct 2016.




John Newcomer A lot of this looks like something I sent Archer Maclean quite a while
ago. The mylar sheets are for silkscreens of a color of the marquee,
monitor cover and control panel. Each color used had a mylar. The buzzard
is a scan. Lonnie McDonald has the original which was done by Python
Anghelo. The other sketches from marquee were explorations by Constantino
Mitchell who did the final art for the marquee, control panel and monitor
glass. Python did the side cabinet art. The code is a printout from Bill
Pfutzenteuter which he always labeled as “Pfutz”. There are a couple
pieces of swag from a trade show. The plexiglass piece was given only to
distributors when Sales presented new games at trade show dinners. The
blueprints are copies that were given before Marquees or anything on a
cabinet could be done. I had to approve as a double check. Vendors listed
are Paramount and Ad Posters which did almost all our silk screening work
at the time. Most was done by Ad Posters ad we had to have a second source.
Am confused about the Aug 1983 data as we were in production in 1982 and
nothing changed through the run in ’83.


John Newcomer This is cool. Python Anghelo’s storyboards for the Star Rider Laserdisc game.



jousters joust-vector joust-source-code joust-raw-coding joust-raw-cliff joust-cp-specs

John Newcomer This is all in reference to Star Rider as well. At the time I was Manager of Game Design.Python was the lead and vision creator for the project. Bes was in charge of the art department and he was getting Python’s storyboards in order so they could go to the company in South Bend Indiana who was rendering the backgrounds. Ron Crouse was VP and in charge of all projects. And if you look at the cc list you will see Rich Witt, RJ Mical and Noah Falstein who were the core software team for Sinistar with Sam Dicker and then went to Star Rider Noah was a Software team leader and he and RJ have had stellar careers in the game industry.


highlander-misc garden-gauntlet-summary diseased-summary art-listjoust-marquee-overlayjoust-bezeljoust-cpojoust-traceschematicsmarquee-screeningmarquee-screen-2schem-3schem-4schem-5schem-6schem-7source-1source-2schem-8schem-9schem-10schem-11schem-12schem-13schem-14schem-15postersanimanim-2anim-3anim-5anim-6joust-2drawingnotespackage-1joust-pinwilliams-tokenjoust-token-2swagjoust-drawing-marqueedoctor-whostar-rider-infopinbot-posterimagesbubbles-cpo

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