Williams Players Unite!

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Join the fun in competing with other Williams fans from around the globe, literally.  Only requires an email address and a Youtube video for score acceptance into the scoreboard.  Fun, friendly competition amongst friends helping each other get better at their favorite games.

  • http://www.williamsplayersunite.com
  • currently under construction and has conflicts with Microsoft Internet Explorer, try Safari or Google Chrome or any browser of your choice.

Download Mame 0.145 with patched blue Roms for Robotron.  “Calibrated” to be about 97% close to Real Robotron/Joust hardware

Download wolfMame 0.106 which has Blitter and CPU calculation defects.  Robotron and Joust are much harder than real hardware, but it is what the old Twin Galaxies accepted for World Record submissions.  Mostly adopted by the top tier MAME players in the US.

Download Mechatron: 2154 written by Ray Norrish, files can be stored in a desktop folder.  Any background taskbar or windows activity will cause the game to glitch and error out. (screensavers/taskbar notifications/etc)

Retro Gamer 30th Anniversary of Robotron

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