The game of Robotron is available to you in many different formats.

  • The most authentic experience is to play a real Williams arcade machine in a real arcade such as Star Worlds arcade in Dekalb, IL

For a seasoned Robotron player, the joy is in playing an extended game above
wave 40, and being in near death situations where all hope looks lost yet the
player miraculously survives.

  • It feels great when it happens. Surrounded by a
    swarm of brain lightning bolts, and out of the fray comes the player,
  • This sweaty palm experience was finely tuned into the game by Jarvis and DeMar, and it is integral for experiencing the true spirit of the game of Robotron.
  • Thankfully, both the JROK board and modified version of MAME 148 both accomplish this task with close to perfection.

TEAM PLAY INC.- the only officially licensed arcade quality PCB

  • per Ken Fedesna Defender and Defender II were licensed to Team Play Inc. by Midway along with Joust and Robotron. Team Play Inc then took the license and came out with a dedicated upright cabinet version, a mini dedicated cabinet version (of which this picture is an example of) and a conversion kit. Defender and Defender II were packaged as one unit, and Joust and Robotron were package as one unit. The Defender /Defender II were single player at a time alternating if more then one player had coined up. There was a button on the control panel whereby the player chose which game he wanted to play. The reason we had to use Defender II versus the original Stargate title was that We were threatened with a Hollywood lawsuit. (Stargate the movie/TV franchise)
  • The Robo/Joust as photo’d at Magic Kingdom in Florida circa 2014.  The hardware is a Xilinx FPGA Jamma PCB.



If you are making your own Control Panel these dimensions will get you started:

ArcadeSD from

  • Jamma PCB capable of playing both vertical and horizontal games
  • By far the best American product available for a full spectrum gaming experience. Hands down. No competition.
  • Supports all Williams games including Irem’s Moon Patrol.
  • Please note- Williams timing issues currently need to be worked out in relation to playing Robotron/Joust.
  • Development is current and ongoing as you can see per work by Clay C on the KLOV forums HERE
  • Supporting Info site for the ArcadeSD HERE and D2K HERE

19-1 PCB, (aka multi-williams)

  • Can be purchased from sites like , CajunArcade , and ParadiseArcadeShop
  • A very common and inexpensive chinese imported Jamma PCB
  • An old version of MAME is used for the processing on this board so Robotron emulation is not accurate at all.
  • It’s a fun experience but almost unplayable after wave 28 due to the blistering fast enemy projectiles.
  • Emulation of enemy projectiles is approximately 5 times faster than real robotron at the higher waves.  And you’ll find the player moves a bit slower at the start of waves.
  • A 128-1 PCB was released in March 2012. It was problematic and pulled from production.  A second generation board is expected after May 2012.  Be VERY careful purchasing one of these boards.  You can buy direct from China via Time Harvest at

XBOX 360

  • Nov 2012- Midway Arcade Origins is released.  Emulation of Robotron is poor/similar to the XBLA release.  Resulting in game being harder than 19-1 PCB emulation.
  • There is a version of Robotron available on Xbox Live Arcade.
  • The Williams games were pulled from circulation due to copyright issues.
  • But you can still go on ebay and buy a download code for downloading robotron on your XBLA.
  • The emulation is similar to 19-1, where the enemy projectiles are way too fast.
  • XBox Achievements can be earned.
  • A specialized joystick configuration can be made using this concept with a wired joystick.  Click HERE for full details.

WolfMame 106

  • This is the free MAME program you can play directly from your computer or laptop.
  • The emulation isn’t quite accurate so the enemy projectiles are too fast, but it is enjoyable.
  • If you want to go for a Twin Galaxies world record from home, this platform is the one for you.

MAME current version, from Mame dev website

  • Up until mame 0145u8, the emulation of Robotron has been inaccurate. (similar to wolfmame 106)
  • Due to work submitted by Sean Riddle, the blitter and video problems that plagued the emulation of Robotron on a PC have been fixed at about a 95% accuracy level.
  • As of the latest version of MAME (148 with modified williams.c), the emulation is spot on for a real machine.  Exact details on configuring MAME are HERE
  • Jamma arcade controls can be interfaced with your computer via a USB cable using this Ultimarc J-Pac board.  Superior product.

Atari 7800 –

  • These machines are still readily available on ebay and convention swap meets.  It will play 2600,  and 7800 cartridges.
  • The 7800 robotron cartridge appears to be porting the real robotron program so it plays the game very closely to the real thing.
  • It is easier than real robotron.  Wave 40 will get you around 1 million points.
  • You may need to build a specialized dual joystick configuration with 10 dollar arcade joysticks (zippyy sticks from the sites mentioned above work well)
  • You will need to route the wires from the Atari joystick cables to the respective switches on the joysticks, similar to how you’d configure a Jamma harness.

Atari Computers- (per Level42 from KLOV)-

Similar theme games

  • Minotron 2012 (iPad)- Blog Article
  • Smash TV (sequel to Robotron)
  • Total Carnage
  • Mechatron 2154- free PC download –  SUPERB!!!!!!!
  • Max Adventure – iphone app.  Best Robotron/Smash TV themed game I’ve seen for mobile, yet. Lots of fun!
  • Mutant Storm
  • Mutant Storm Empire
  • Waves
  • Echoes
  • Geometry Wars
  • Grid Wars
  • Beat Hazard – good music
  • Debrysis

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