To assist with game practice you can turn on “cheats” in mame.

  • This will allow you to set infinite lives in Robotron, choose the desired starting wave in Defender, or even set infinite lives in Berzerk if you are into pre-Robotron shoot em ups.

Website with full details:

Install steps

  1. Download the
  2. Extract the cheat.7z file to the same folder as your MAME.EXE file (ie C:\MAMEDEV)
  3. Go to Start, Run, Command Prompt
  4. navigate to the folder holding mame.exe
  5. CD\  <enter>
  6. CD MAMEDEV <enter>
  8. Close the Command Prompt
  9. In Windows, navigate to your MAME folder and double click the MAME.INI file
  10. Find the section for ‘### Mame CORE misc options ###‘ and change cheat 0 to
    cheat 1
  11. File>Save
  12. Start MAME as normal and begin your desired game
  13. Hit Tab and navigate to Cheat
  14. Modify the desired choices using arrow keys, then go back to your game play.

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