Review this image of the switch locations.  Note that you only need 1 ground wire from the PCB because all grounds are interconnected.

Wire up a Jamma Edge Connector

DELICATELY solder wiring to the non-ground side of the switches.  I added “GOOP” adhesive over the wiring to help hold it in place.  The traces are extremely delicate and lift off the PCB quite easily.

Find a Cab that is wired with a Jamma harness and two 8-way joysticks. I grabbed this little JROK project from the garage…

Plug the controller USB cable into the Xbox and the edge connector into your jamma harness.

IMPORTANT-unplug the normal powersupply.  You need NO power on the jamma harness since the USB connector carries the minimal 5v needed for the controller.

Robotron from XBLA (2005-Midway/Digital Eclipse) works with this controller configuration because the colored keys for firing are activated:

  • It was pulled from live downloads, BUT you can still buy download code from ebay.
  • Downfall 1- The Live leaderboards are heavily populated with fake scores.
  • Downfall 2- The emulation is poor so the game plays much harder than real robotron. comparable or worse than a 19-1 PCB.

This controller setup DOES NOT work with the 2012 Midway Arcade Origins compilation because the developers neglected to add customizable configuration and did not include firing with the colored keys.

  • They only allow firing with the right analog stick.
  • The emulation is as poor or worse than the 2005 xbox robotron release so you aren’t missing anything.
  • Playing with the analog sticks is a very “loose” experience much like playing Robotron on a Ice Hockey rink.

Summary-  unless you are just curious and want to build an entertaining project, don’t waste your money or efforts on a custom Robotron XBox controller.  Money is better spent on buying an Ultimarc IPAC VE for MAME or a JROK jamma PCB.

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