Atari 7800 Robotron Disassembly of Source Code

Scott Tunstall- I developed a version of Robotron 2084 for the PC a few years back using the Dark GDK and C#.NET . I never finished it though because I couldn’t understand how the Enforcers and Tanks worked, their behaviour seemed pretty random.

So fast forward a few years to now, I found out that Robotron 2084’s Atari 7800 source was released… I took a look. I used to develop in 6502, Z80 and 68000 back in the day so wondered if I could reverse engineer the enforcer & tank logic and finally finish my game.

As you probably know the source released on AtariMuseum for Robotron 2084 is *NOT* complete – it looks like an early build, there’s a lot of code missing, e.g. the grunt to electrode collision detection.

Then I found Dan Boris’ disassembly of the final result and that shed a lot of light on the system. It was fantastic, because I couldn’t find a 7800 rom disassembler that would deal with the .a78 file I had (I’m new to the Atari 7800). However, it still wasn’t complete enough for my needs.

So, I decided to reconcile the early source code with the finished source code, and with a bit of deduction work have expounded on Dan’s work considerably. Not 100% but….

I attach the disassembly file, hopefully this will help others understand and maybe one day a full reverse engineering will be possible.

Thanks to Dan Boris for getting the ball rolling and Atarimuseum for the original sources.

Click link to download Atari7800RobotronDisassembly


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