Wico Joystick Shaft Comparison

Why does Robotron use 4 inch Wico Joysticks?

  • from Larry DeMar- My memory is that the taller sticks were used to minimize the knuckle-scraping on the panel. Also, in that height, the standard Wico joystick had a thinner shaft. The sticks used on Robotron had a much thicker shaft as the standard sticks could be bent when play becomes vigorous enough to move the machine using the 2 “:handles”. I don’t remember whether the fat shaft stick was stocked by Wico or whether they developed this variant especially for Robotron. I suspect it was the latter.
  • Reproduction 4inch Wico shafts are discussed HERE

Comparison of 3.5 inch shafts to the 4 inch shafts-

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