Wico Centering Grommet replacements

Robotron is best played with real Wico leaf-switch joysticks.

Unfortunately, the rubber centering grommet wears out over time and use.  Official replacement grommets are extremely hard to acquire, but newer era wico grommets and reproductions (similar grommets used in other applications) exist in the 10 dollar apiece price range.

Be careful in choosing a grommet, because it is easy to get a replacement that is way too stiff and requires handling the joysticks with your forearms.  An exhausting task after 10 minutes of play unless you are built like a Gorilla….

It has been indicated that the middle grommet in the picture below is from later era of Wico microswitch joysticks.  I have purchased 4 of the middle style grommet from KLOV members, and found they were not too stiff.  So the density of the rubber can vary per the source and batch you purchase grommets from.

June 2012 UPDATE-  Contact Jeremy Smith,  G3N3R1C from KLOV for reproduction grommets.  Just like the original leaf switch joystick grommets in the far left picture. Wico grommets can be 4 or 6 pound, which affects the stiffness.

Good luck.

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